ArchLabs is at Patreon

The ArchLabs boys have been in discussion on how best we discreetly ask for donations and we really couldn’t decide on the best way. What we came up with,  was if people could become Patrons!

I signed us up at on Sunday. We believe this is the best way for us to receive any type of financial support.

We provide ArchLabs as a product for free, we aren’t looking at making an income from ArchLabs, just to cover our basic costs of having a website and forum. Maybe one day if things go well, our very own server?

If any of you who feel as if you would like to become a patron of ArchLabs, than please visit here ArchLabs Linux at Patreon and feel free to put as much as you would like.  There is no minimum value, it’s up to you.

Anything and everything are hugely appreciated.

This is something we will never make a priority to push, but we would like to make people aware they can help us out if they wish to.

Lots of love

Team ArchLabs