ArchLabs First Release for 2018

The end of February is nigh, the official end to summer in NZ is almost over though the heat shows no sign of slacking.

On that note, ArchLabs has a new release.

Introducing ArchLabs Linux 2018.02.

Default ArchLabs desktop.

As usual we have a few improvements and changes.  Firstly we removed GoRice, the addition of GoRice was more of a novelty than anything and as a result has been removed as it served no purpose other than a bit of fun.

AL-Hello has again undergone a major overhaul, once of the best changes is that the additional installation options is now a multi-choice screen rather than a paginated multi screen affair.

Another major change is to how obmenu looks after your menus.  Pipemenus now control the content of your standard obmenu.  We have tried to include the most popular apps, if we have missed something either file a bug report at GitHub or the forum and we will add it in for the next update.  There is also an option added to the menus that contain no apps to install.  Clicking this will take you directly to Pacli where you can install your preferred application.

Obmenu Generator is still included via AL-Hello for those of you who like to make use of that.

Our AL-Installer (based on ABIF installer) has undergone some nice little changes.  Just minor fixes and improvements.

Other than a “same but different” default wallpaper (this would have been delivered to those of you on earlier releases early Saturday NZ time) and merging of a number of pull requests that is really it.

There have been a ton commits over the last few months, if you are on 2017.12 or earlier you would have received this as just part of your everyday update so unless you do a fresh install you more than likely won’t even notice any major changes as they have trickled out over the past months.

The ArchLabs Geany theme has had a tidy up also.  A few visual glitches have been cleaned up

Theme wise, nothing has changed still the standard ArchLabs themes, I (Matt) have created a few themes specifically for ArchLabs that I use on my personal machine.  Git Clone them from here. There is also an ArchLabs styled Openbox theme for the amazing Vimix themes as well.

On the web side of things, early February saw the unveiling of a new community forum, self hosted on Discourse.  I spent a fair amount of time researching and joining many forums to experience what each one brought forward.  Discourse seem to be the best fit for ArchLabs.  So far it has turned out very well.

Along with the new forum came a self hosted webpage.  Still at the same address and as you may have noticed, it is looking mighty fine.

Thank you to our team members Dan and Sam for getting that all set up as well as hosting.  Dan also hosts a repo mirror here in New Zealand, for those of us who are close enough to benefit, add the following to your /etc/pacman.conf under [archlabs_repo]:

Server =$arch

The much promised ArchLabs Knowledge Base is still in the works, it is taking us much longer than we ever anticipated.  Hopefully we can put this out some time soon.

As usual, downloads can be received from the Get ArchLabs page.  You have choice of a direct download from Sourceforge or torrent.

Any issues or you require help, feel free to post your query at the shiny new community forum.

Enough from me, enjoy the new release.

Thank you to all who use ArchLabs, we appreciate your feedback and love.


The Boys from ArchLabs