ArchLabs 2018.03, A Continuing Saga.

A few days ago we released 2018.03 with some hot fixes, you can read about this here.

Today we release an update, with the inclusion of a cool live session only welcome screen.  This gives you a brief rundown of the Openbox live session, live passwords etc.

If you close this and need to access the welcome screen again, simply click the top entry of the Obmenu.  I’m not going to post a pic, I’d like you all to see it for yourself when you boot up the new ISO.

That’s it from me.  Downloads are in the usual place. As always, any issues please post at the forum or add an issue to GitHub.


Matt \m/

2018.03 Release Now With Hotfixes

The end of February brought with it the first release of 2018 for ArchLabs, aptly named 2018.02. Following on from that we have a March release, 2018.03.

This brings a few fixes and improvements.

LUKS and encryption is now working, for those security concious users out there you should be all go on the encryption side.

There have been a few installer updates, base-devel is included at install time.  Also the mirrorlist is optimised at the same time.

Once you select the “Install ArchLabs” section of the installer, you will find it now is mostly automated.  With the exception of setting passwords, username and hostname.  You will also still need to manually set where grub is to be installed. When the base system is setup it automatically dumps you in the configuration menu, so take care you don’t miss this step.

Currently Sourceforge is down, reasons unknown.  You can still get download links from the mirrors at the Get ArchLabs page.   I will update those main sources when Sourceforge is back online.

Any issues, please report them at either GitHub or the ArchLabs forum.


Matt \m/