Get ArchLabs

Downloading the iso

The ArchLabs ISO’s are hosted at Sourceforge. You can get the latest version from there.
At this time there is NO torrent yet available.

Download ArchLabs Linux

If you have a slow connection, you can always choose a nearby  server/mirror.


Checking the integrity of a download

If you want to check if the download is not corrupted in any way then you can do a MD5 check.

When dealing with large or critical file downloads, it’s often advised to check the integrity of the file. This is easily done using any one of various programs such as md5sum.

Checking the integrity of the file is done for a couple of reasons. The first is that it guarantees that the file is not corrupt by checking it against a the value of sourceforge. The second is that it guarantees the file to be authentic and has not been tampered with by unknown third parties.

Performing the integrity check with md5sum is quite simple. Open a terminal or command prompt in the directory where the disk image is and type “md5sum” followed by the file name. Refer to the image below:


Creating an installation medium

We recommend you use an usb to install ArchLabs. Simply because you can reuse it and it is a faster medium than a dvd.


If you are on ArchLabs you have already Mintstick installed.

Use the menu or go via the terminal:

mintstick -m iso

Other linux distro’s can use Suse Image Writer which has a gui.


There is also Etcher that you can try out.



On Windows we can recommend Rufus.

You can also use UNetbootin as burner. This application will work on Linux, Windows and Mac. So we are only showing one video.


You can use UNetbootin as burner. This application will work on Linux, Windows and Mac. You will need to follow similar steps as on Windows.

Burning an iso to a dvd

If you need to burn the iso to a dvd then we can recommend Cdburnerxp and Imgburn for Windows.

On Mac you can use the Burn application.