Get ArchLabs

ArchLabs can be downloaded from our Sourceforge page as a direct download.

To download, simply click on the Sourceforge image below and you will be taken directly to the download.

Archlabs uses a text based installer to install the system to your machine.

2022.05.29 Direct Download from Sourceforge:

2022.05.29 LTS Direct Download from Sourceforge:

Previous Releases

Previous releases are no longer stored on Sourceforge.  If you require a copy for any reason, please email one of the team to request a link.

Checking ISO Validity:

If you want to check the validity of the ISO images, you can view the SHA at this Sourceforge link, click the "i" or Info button to reveal the SHA1.

To confirm the integrity of the ArchLabs ISO, cd into the directory you downloaded the ISO to and in your terminal run: md5sum archlabs.iso.

Obviously replace archlabs with the name of the downloaded image.