ArchLabs Linux

ArchLabs Linux is an Arch Linux based distro, heavily influenced and inspired by the look and feel of BunsenLabs.

The more we used BunsenLabs the more we wanted the simplicity that they brought to the table on our Arch install.

After much discussion, ArchLabs was born.

We tried to keep the look of BunsenLabs as much as possible in the first months but as we progressed along the way we developed our own style and look.  No longer is ArchLabs a BunsenLabs clone, we are our own beast now.

As we are based on Arch Linux rather than Debian, there are bound to be subtle differences between Bunsen and ArchLabs but there are a lot of similarities too.

Arch Linux is a rolling distro, so is ArchLabs. You will get regular updates from ArchLabs.

Highlights of ArchLabs:

  • Minimal desktop environment
  • Easy installation using AL-Installer (ALI)
  • Based on Arch Linux.
  • Only a few basic apps pre-installed.
  • Minimal themes
  • Welcome Script to ease installing additional applications Window and Desktop Managers
  • Available WM/DM’s include Openbox, XFCE4, i3, Bspwm, and Awesome
  • Freely switch between panels and docks with ease
  • Return of favourites Conky & Tint2
  • ArchLabs Dark Openbox & GTK3/2 theme is set as the default theme
  • The custom ArchLabs Iconset is the default icon theme
  • ArchLabs Applications and scripts are included
  • Default Applications: Thunar, Termite, Geany, Firefox, Audacious, MPV, Skippy-XD for window management
  • Keyboard driven

2018.07 is our latest release.

See ArchLabs in action:

In the meantime, download a copy, install and see for yourself….

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