The release of R2-D2 or ArchLabs 5.0 is sheduled for beginning July 2017

We are working hard for the next release of ArchLabs 5.0 or R2-D2 we are calling her.

You may have heard the big news, an interview with Destination Linux.

R2-D2 will include an tiling desktop environment, i3wm next gaps.  ArchLabs will continue to use openbox as main desktop environment but now you have a fallback or an alternative environment to watch your movies, surf net or do your work. It is an awesome tool for workflow management. You will get 10 desktops with each their own specialty like browsers, editors, multimedia, music, …

Many tutorials will follow about ArchLabs and i3wm. But actually they are already created. Because i3 is a desktop (tiling) environment that you can install on any distro and use the same configuration file to style it. Here you can find all articles about i3. It does not matter which distro, you are using it on. So you can now already follow some tutorials.


We are in the process of including and selecting the most awesome conky’s out there with the help of the designers of these conky’s. We are grateful we are allowed to include them in our release. As usual it will require one click to activate them.

If you know any super conky’s you can always share them on our Google+ community and ask for them to be included. 

Just one example from

Many more will be added. I reserve these for the release note.


Our installer, Calamares has been updated and  has received more recent desktop screenshots of ArchLabs because we are evolving.

ArchLabs is finding her own look, her own appeal.

These will be the images used when you install ArchLabs – they are all 100% ArchLabs. Everything you see will be included in R2-D2.


Many rofi themes, tint2 themes and openbox themes have been added thanks to @Smoke King and @Duncan Pringle. Our personal artists of design. Some will follow the Arc theme design and others are completely different.

This means you will be able to tweak your system even more, out of the box. As you know we are a rolling release. These elements will receive more variations and additions and you will get them via updating the AUR.

Sounds promising, right?

Take a look at this Numix themed desktop.

R2-D2 takes pimping to the next level.
Numix Circle icons
Numix Arc Theme
Numix Rofi Theme
Numix Tint2 Theme
Numix Openbox Theme
Numix conky colours




Great new wallpapers have been added – 4k resolution! You will have to see them on your system. Putting them here will cost us 10MB or more… 😉


78 termite theming configuration have been added. Termite is the standard terminal for ArchLabs.

You can now pimp your terminal with a simple copy/paste. This one is the dracula theme.

All this to tell you we  aim to excel and give you the ultimate user experience.


10 thoughts on “The release of R2-D2 or ArchLabs 5.0 is sheduled for beginning July 2017

  1. If anything is not working than you should report on github or the forum. This is not the place. Furthermore if you can tell me what this HP Device Manager is? Which program? Stopped using HP myself a few years back. Do you need the hardware to test it?


    1. The heart and soul is hidden away on the iso in different parts. It is hidden in your ~/.config folder and on other protected parts of your system.
      So no it is not a good idea. A clean install is the best way. This release is going to stay till the end of the year.


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