Changes for ArchLabs

So ArchLabs has had some changes to the internal team and also a change in direction.

As you all know we released R2-D2 at the beginning of July and while R2 was well received we became the recipients of some harsh criticism regarding the size of the ISO and the multiple options of applications as well as a lot of negativity regarding the over abundance of themes, icons and other related cruft.

The ISO size has never sat well with some of the team and we have had multiple requests for a minimal release.  Nate (also known as SmokeKing) got working on a super trimmed down edition of R2-D2 which we named Mínimo.


Both Nate and I are shifting our focus to Mínimo as our main release.  This will provide a nice minimal place to start for all of you Openbox lovers out there.

Just putting this out there right at the beginning so there is no confusion, please don’t ask for applications to be added to the ISO, our maximum sized ISO we want to deliver is 1Gb.  We don’t want to exceed that and to top it off, it’s minimal effort to install any required apps after install anyway.

R2D2 is going on a diet and will be updated in the near future, we will be offering both editions but our main focus will be Mínimo. For how long R2 is available is up in the air, we will monitor how we go with it.

Downloads are available at our Sourceforge page, also we would appreciate any issues you encounter to be posted in the Ticket section.  This gives us an ultra easy way to track what is happening.


Mínimo Download

R2-D2 Downloads

Eventually we will be moving the download location for R2 so be sure to keep an eye out on any upcoming news or announcements.

If you need to contact us, feel free to either at out G+ page, Twitter or the contact tab at our webpage.

As always, we appreciate your support.

Cheers and Beers

Matt, Nate and the ArchLabs Team.