About ArchLabs Linux

ArchLabs Linux is a Linux distribution (distro) launched by two guys with a love of BunsenLabs and Arch Linux.

The original vision behind ArchLabs was to take the look of BunsenLabs and put it on top of an Arch Linux system as Arch has more up-to-date packages. The speed and simplicity of Pacman and of course the Arch User Repository (AUR) are just added bonuses.

Now that ArchLabs have become established we have developed our own look.  We have kept true to our legacy by keeping our ISO images as minimal as possible and adding only core applications and utilities.

ArchLabs is a rolling release.  No longer do you have to do a full reinstall or distribution upgrade when a new release is available. A simple update is all you need to do. You install ArchLabs once and continue on your way.

Highlights of ArchLabs Linux:

  • Live Session using dk Window Manager.
  • Minimal desktop environment.
  • Easy installation using the 'ArchLabs Installer'.
  • Based on Arch Linux.
  • Minimal themes.
  • Available Window Manager's include dk, Openbox, i3wm, Bspwm, dwm. Install these from the `ArchLabs Installer`.
  • Freely switch between panels and docks with ease.
  • Conky & Tint2 available where necessary.
  • Adwaita GTK theme is set as the default theme.
  • The custom ArchLabs Iconset is the default icon theme.
  • ArchLabs Applications and scripts are included.
  • Keyboard driven.
2023.02.05 is our latest release.

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See ArchLabs in action:

In the meantime, download a copy, install and see for yourself…

To contact us, please use the Contact page.