ArchLabs Linux 2018.07

Nate, the ArchLabs team and I are happy to announce that the stable release of ArchLabs 2018.07 is available for download.

This latest version brings a fair few changes and updates.  There has been a focus on bug fixes, fine tuning and optimisation.  Major highlights with this release:

  • Our installer finally has it’s own name, presenting, AL-Installer.  Originally forked from ABIF, it has been completely re-written for use with ArchLabs and only vaguely resembles the original product.  We thought it high time it gets its own moniker.
  • On the topic of installer.  A lot of changes have been made to keep your install simple.  Sorting of mirrors has been added as well as a page to create your user.
  • Brand new default theme, ArchLabs-dARK.  This works in nicely with our current icon theme, ArchLabs-Light.
  • New default wallpaper.
  • This edition of ArchLabs is themed dark and hearkens back to our old favourite, #! Linux.  We even brought back the original wallpaper texture and old default conky.  The desktop has a real old school #! feel about it.
  • Aurman has replaced Yaourt as our AUR helper.  This helper works in nicely with Pacman.  For more information on Aurman, please take a look here.
  • Neofetch has been replaced quite sometime ago with our lightweight home made info script, AL-Info.
  • Thanks to a talented couple of chaps, Oddproton and Karl Schneider, we have our very own dynamic wallpaper script (à la MacOS Mojave/Gnome) called Dynpaper.  With custom walls created by the ever talented Karl.  Dynpaper isn’t installed or enabled by default.  If you’d like to get this up and running on your system, check out our thread at the forum or the github linked.
  • Polybar has been updated to the latest version and has undergone a tidy up.
  • Vim and Ranger configs have been added and updated.

Some changes with team members, Raj, Brett and Hari have all stepped down from ArchLabs.  We thank them for their contribution and effort with ArchLabs and wish them luck.

You can get your copy of 2018.07 at the usual spot.

As usual, if you discover a bug, have an issue or just want to say hi, our forum is located here or post an issue at BitBucket. It’s full of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people who will welcome you warmly and help you where they can.

Thanks to all who contributed with testing and sent feedback our way.  We hope you enjoy our latest effort.


Matt, Nate and the team.

The Release of ArchLabs 2018.05

The ArchLabs team are proud to announce the release of our latest and updated release, 2018.05.

I’m going to keep this announcement brief.  There aren’t too many major changes with this release, mainly further polishing of the rough edges and furthering our vision for ArchLabs.  Personally I rate this as our best, aesthetically looking desktop.

Changes of note:

  • LightDM has been completely removed, as a result you will be auto-logged in to your desktop.  For those who prefer to use LightDM, you can reinstall this from AL-Hello.  Openbox has been set as default but you can change this by editing your ~/.xinitrc and changing your session to your preferred WM/DE.
  • All ArchLabs related packages have been refreshed. Jgmenu especially has had an update and is in fine form.  We are really happy with jgmenu, it is developing into one of the best menu utilities out there for Linux.
  • We have a new default wallpaper, created by Karl Schneider, considerable inspiration (as usual) comes from BunsenLabs and this time Manjaro and their new Openbox spin had an influence on the outcome as well.
  • Neofetch has been removed and replaced with Al-Info, this can display a ASCII ArchLabs and your system information.  Read more about AL-Info here.
  • The deprecation of gksu has resulted in it’s removal from ArchLabs.  Any applications requiring root will now make use of pkexec.
  • We have switched to gnome-polkit and have also removed lx-session.
  • We have switched the default theme to ArchLabs-Light and icons to ArchLabs-Dark.
  • Al-Hello has had further tweaking and polishing.
  • Minor changes, improvements and bug-fixes to AL-Installer
  • There was some more tweaks and improvements to the pipemenus as well, you can now install selected apps from the Obmenu.

In other news, our Reddit page has had an overhaul, this makes use of the new theme tools provided with the beta version of Reddit.  To see these changes you will need to opt into their beta program.

For those of you new to the AL-Installer (ABIF) and ArchLabs, forum member Sean Meininger created a walk-through.  Click here. A video to accompany this is on its way.

As per usual, if you encounter any bugs or issues please post them at our forum.

Downloads for this latest release can be found at the “Get” section.

I’d like to give a big congratulations to BunsenLabs on the Helium release, they have really outdone themselves on this latest release.  Also a nod to Manjaro and their Openbox spin, well done guys.  I know AL had a bit of influence on this one.

A huge thank you as always, to our users and supporters.




ArchLabs 2018.03, A Continuing Saga.

A few days ago we released 2018.03 with some hot fixes, you can read about this here.

Today we release an update, with the inclusion of a cool live session only welcome screen.  This gives you a brief rundown of the Openbox live session, live passwords etc.

If you close this and need to access the welcome screen again, simply click the top entry of the Obmenu.  I’m not going to post a pic, I’d like you all to see it for yourself when you boot up the new ISO.

That’s it from me.  Downloads are in the usual place. As always, any issues please post at the forum or add an issue to GitHub.


Matt \m/

2018.03 Release Now With Hotfixes

The end of February brought with it the first release of 2018 for ArchLabs, aptly named 2018.02. Following on from that we have a March release, 2018.03.

This brings a few fixes and improvements.

LUKS and encryption is now working, for those security concious users out there you should be all go on the encryption side.

There have been a few installer updates, base-devel is included at install time.  Also the mirrorlist is optimised at the same time.

Once you select the “Install ArchLabs” section of the installer, you will find it now is mostly automated.  With the exception of setting passwords, username and hostname.  You will also still need to manually set where grub is to be installed. When the base system is setup it automatically dumps you in the configuration menu, so take care you don’t miss this step.

Currently Sourceforge is down, reasons unknown.  You can still get download links from the mirrors at the Get ArchLabs page.   I will update those main sources when Sourceforge is back online.

Any issues, please report them at either GitHub or the ArchLabs forum.


Matt \m/

ArchLabs has a new Forum

Well, it was tabled last year to change our forum host. After a lot of digging I came to the conclusion that Discourse suits ArchLabs needs best.

So thanks to the hard working efforts of our two newest team members, Sam Fenton and Daniel Mason, we now have a Discourse session setup and the new forum is open for business.

Sam is hosting the Forum on his server.  Dan is hosting a ArchLabs mirror for us Kiwis and Aussies close enough to take advantage of it.  No doubt as they get settled in you will hear more from them.

So please, update your browser bookmark, head over to the shiny new forum and register.  We look forward to seeing you there.

ArchLabs Forum Link