Get ArchLabs

ArchLabs can be downloaded either from our Sourceforge page as a direct download or via torrent.

To download, simply click on the Sourceforge or Torrent image below and you will be taken directly to the download.

This release uses the ABIF installer to install ArchLabs.

2018.05 Direct Download from Sourceforge:

Download ArchLabs Linux

 2018.05 Torrent Download:

Once downloaded via torrent, we would really appreciate if you can afford the bandwidth to seed for as long as you can.

Previous Releases

Previous releases of ArchLabs can be found at Sourceforge.

Checking ISO Validity:

If you want to check the validity of the ISO images, you can view the MD5 or SHA at this Sourceforge link, see the below image for how to:


You can perform an integrity check using either “md5sum” or “sha256sum”, see the below images for how to: