On this page we will gather all reviews and interviews made by third parties on Archlabs.

July 22, 2017 Review of Linux Quest

“Great speed. Very light. Very fast. Lots of icon and theme choices. Full figured distro. More than meets the eyes. A unique experience. Customize your computer. Point of discovery.

July 15, 2017 Review of Don’t Call Me Lenny

two desktop environments – Openbox and i3

Lots of support through video’s. Lots of conky’s.
Lots of applications and configuration applications.


July 9, 2017 Review of Linux & Other Stuff

‘Good selection of software, wallpapers, themes, icons, …’

‘Pretty loaded down’  ‘Quick’  ‘Nice effects’ ‘Ready to go’

July 9, 2017 Yunn Cortes from gives an overview of ArchLabs R2-D2 in Spanish


Para esta edición se ha aumentado significativamente su Artwork, ya de por si anteriormente importante, donde cuenta con un sin fin de recursos que van a ofrecer una de las mejores experiencias para el usuario de Openbox.

La gran novedad para esta edición ha sido sin duda la inclusión de i3wm como escritorio alternativo. Un entorno que cada día cuenta con más adeptos.

Link to release article.


July 7, 2017 Sudo Reboot The first look at R2-D2

July 6, 2017 Eddie Vassalo writes a review about ArchLabs Yoda and the on-coming R2-D2 release



We were hooked almost immediately with the amazing level of polish and attention to detail evident throughout ever aspect of the distribution. Using Erik Dubois’ modern and beautiful Sardi icon set as a design reference, every element of ArchLabs ties back to performance, usability, and just plain gorgeous design.

And man is this distro fast!

Not only will the major new update include a slew of new Conky themes, icons, 78 new Terminal (Termite) themes, new wallpapers and even Tint2 panel updates – but perhaps the most exciting news is the inclusion of one of our favourite tiling window managers, i3-gaps (!) alongside Openbox.

ArchLabs users can now switch effortlessly between an i3 and an Openbox experience – all designed with that lovely and intuitive ArchLabs flair. For distro and DE-hoppers like us, that’s pretty much a dream come true.

June 26, 2017 John Paul writes a review about ArchLabs Yoda for IT’S FOSS


June 26, 2017 Destination Linux Rob Collins and Rocco interviews one of the developers of ArchLabs

Content is about life, linux, profession, Sardi icons and ofcourse ArchLabs. Announcement that i3wm will be part of R2-D2 or ArchLabs 5.0.

June 23, 2017 Klean PC makes a review video about ArchLabs 4.1.

We get a good overview what is available on the iso. Staying on the live-cd during video.

June 11, 2017 Linux Quest makes a video about his first run at ArchLabs.

I am sure there will be more to follow. He is still in a learning process. The seeds have been planted. Curiosity and the drive to learn and explore will do the rest.

June 06, 2017 ArchLabs 4.1 Yoda gets the first ever Sudo Approved Distro award.

Sudo Reboot made this review about ArchLabs Yoda and gives a SAD award.
Go check it out.

S.A.D award means

  • above and beyond a normal distro
  • stable as a rock

Sudo Reboot uses a menu that generates a menu (obmenugenerator). That is explained in this article.

You can update the kernel with a script in ~/.config/openbox/scripts.

Nitrogen is one way to load a wallpaper but also variety can provide you with great wallpapers.

 June 06, 2017 ArchLabs 4.1 Yoda (Linux & Other Stuff)

Linux & Other Stuff made this review about ArchLabs Yoda.

The wooden wallpaper is part of slimlock-themes – if you press Super + L it kicks in.

You have to install it first though.

packer archlabs-slimlock-themes-git


ArchLabs Yoda has 6 menu’s and can show all applications in the menu

Super + Shift + D = dmenu

Ctrl + Spacebar = rofi menu

Alt + F3 or CTRL + ALT + A = xfce4-appfinder

Super + Spacebar or CTR + ALT + Q = openbox menu

ALT + F2 = gmrun

Plank – activate it in autostart

Article about the menu’s.


Thunar is set with xfce4-appearance since thunar is the filemanager of xfce4

Article about theming

Article about theming


Script to get latest kernel in ~/.config/openbox/scripts and 3 other scripts

June 5, 2017 ArchLabs 4.1 review

A review of myworldlinux

No spoken text just music. Checking out all possibilities.

Lxpanel is installed as menu – we have here an article explaining there are 6 menu’s in ArchLabs.

May 30, 2017 Let’s Take a Look at Archlabs 4.0

A review of Don’t Call Me Lenny.

May 15, 2017 Archlabs in second place

Sudo Reboot made a video about the top linux distro’s in 2017. Mentioning Archlabs in second place made us quite happy (understatement). The video enclosed is only the part about Archlabs. It is worth mentioning his video has been created on Archlabs.

The complete review of the five best distro’s in 2017 is here.

And here is the live stream about this review.

May 2, 2017 Archlabs my new daily driver

Sudo Reboot made a video about Archlabs 4.0 explaining why he did that.

March 14, 2017 Review of Archlabs 3

Myworldlinux made a review about Archlabs 3.

Feb 28, 2017 Checking out Archlabs

Linux and other stuff made a review about the early version of Archlabs